The mission of Condonians is to make you smile and happy by finding the best condo units to fit your needs. is a real estate platform for selling and renting condominiums or condotel units here in Cebu, Philippines. We administer all listings & properties to make them as accurate as possible and offer a wide range of services to our clients. Moreover, we want to showcase the beauty of Cebu and provide information about the real estate industry. Our platform will continuously develop to serve our clients and partners.

We are brokers and agents working side by side with real estate developers in the region as well as with our own clients, to make sure their investments are productive. Working in the real estate business in more than a decade with an excellent record, and a proud member and partner of some top real estate companies as well as property management companies here in Cebu.

We are a responsible, trusted, customer-centric and God-fearing organization.

Your happy life starts with a comfortable living home!