General FAQ:

I. Use of Website and Listing:

      1. How can I log-in to your website?

Ans. You do not need to log-in to inquire our properties, you can always use our site and inquire through our contact numbers, email and sending us a message in any pages you may land that appropriate to your needs.

      2. How can I reserve your properties?

Ans. We will notify for your reservation or any inquiries from you by sending us a message where you can see below on each properties page. After we received your message we will reply as early as we can.

       3. Why in your listing it was available for rent, but when I inquired I received reply “no longer available”?

Ans. Please be informed that you can only fully reserve or rent the unit you wish after we double check from our partners. Hence, though it is available on our site it may not available after we double check.

       4. Can you list my condo-units?

Ans. Yes, we can list any condo-unit come from Owner, Brokers, and Agents. Please contact us wherever you prefer.

       5. Are your units available for sale or rent to foreigners?

Ans. Absolutely Yes, anybody can rent or buy our properties so long as you are capable to pay.

II. Payment & Fees:


       1. Where should I pay my Advance and Security Deposit?

Ans. You will pay directly to the condo-owner or accounting staff of the building. You will be handed to them during the signing of a contract.

       2. Can I send my payment for Advance and Security Deposit to the Condonians Staff, its Partner (Brokers or/and Agents) if really needed?

Ans. No, Condo-owners/Management may accept reservation, advance payment through their local banks. We will assist you in this matter.

       3. Can I send my monthly payment to the Condonians Staff?

Ans. No, it is your responsibility to pay directly your bills and fees to the owner. You will discuss this matter before signing a contract.

       4. To whom I will pay the monthly dues?

Ans. Basically, most of our properties price rate includes the monthly/condo dues. Therefore, condo-owner is responsible to pay to the association. In this case, you do not need to think this matter. However, if your preferred properties/unit excludes monthly dues, you will be the one to pay to the association. The Condo-owners will guide you in this matter.

       5. When and how long can I refund my Security Deposit?

Ans. After the contract due or before you move out, the Condo-owner will check the facilities of the units, if no damages, no bills (water, electricity, etc) pending, most probably more or less 1 week, depending on the owner/management policy.

       6. Do you accept post-dated check and other currency?

Ans. The mode of payment varies depending on the properties you preferred to stay, hence this matter will depend on the Condo-owner. You may ask anytime as soon as you choose properties.


       1. Is Condonians accept reservations?

Ans. No, any payment must be transacted by you and Owner/Seller or developer. Condonians, Brokers/Agents-Partner will assist you in this matter.

       2. If I will choose to pay in deferred my down payment when I will start to pay my monthly payment?

Ans. This matter will be discussed with you by our partner Brokers and Developers during your pay for your reservation. But most of the Owners/Developers accept within a month after your reservation paid.

       3. Is there a service fee or admin fee if I will buy a property through Condonians and its Partners?

Ans. Absolutely no, Condonians and its Partners will only receive a commission from the unit-owner or  Developers partner.

III. Cancel, Refund, Etc.:


       1. If I decided to cancel my stay after months, is my advance payment and security deposit can be refunded?

Ans. It depends on the Condo-owner, and the contract agreement you signed. But the majority, advance payment, and security deposit are non-refundable as you breach any contracts.

       2. Can I exchange condo-units?

Ans. No, Please be informed that each listed condo-units we have here are different condo-owners.  

       3. The heater of my unit is broken what shall I do?

Ans. Please be informed Condonians service is only for advertisement, referral, or standing/represent as your broker/agent. Any problems with the units, please address to the Condo-owner.

       4. What are the requirements If I will rent one of your condo units?

Ans. The requirement varies, depending on the Condo-owner/Management. But basically for the local citizen; at least 1 ID’s copies issued by a government, employment certificate (if employed) or business permit (if businessman). For foreigners; Passport with photocopy, ACRI – Alien Certificate of Registration Card (if any), employment certificate (If employed) or business permit (if businessman).


       1. Can I have a refund for my reservation?

Ans. No, reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable after you handed to the sellers or developers.

       2. What are the requirements If I will buy one of your condo units?

Ans.Both local and foreign upon reservation you only need at least one Government ID or any proof of legal identity.  As soon as you ready to pay for your equity, Developer may ask the following, Birth certificate, Married Certificate (If Married), certification of employment (if working), Proof of business (If businessman), Post dated checks equivalent to the total payable for your equity  (If deferred payment). Please note Developers may ask other important documents which are not mentioned above.

IV. Technical, Glossary, Etc.

      1. What is For Sale – Second Buyer?

Ans. This property is for sale which you can negotiate directly to the owner. These listing or property some are brand new and some are used.